Knew rEvolution is a place where freedom is cultivated, transforming mind states to a higher vibration.


The festival community is at the cutting edge of a global cultural renaissance that is rooted in the social and artistic movements of the 1960’s. Knew rEvolution is a physical magazine to hold space for that renaissance outside of the peak experience of the festival. It covers the spiritual, wellness and artistic practices of the scene that can be missed at the festival when all the pretty lights and highs are packed into a few days. The goal is to maintain and cultivate the scene into a more socially aware, empowered community even in the default world.


Letter From The Editor

Greetings brothers and sisters!

It is high time for a Knew rEvolution. Sixteen years into the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly clear that human beings all across the Earth are experiencing a gravitation toward gathering together in celebration, creation and wonder. While some music and arts festivals are more commercial as ever, the amount of independent, co-creative gatherings popping up in what seems like every plot of land available is increasing exponentially.

As transparency cracks open all of the systems of our world and knowledge becomes more readily available to everyone, WE the people of TODAY are thirsty for purpose, meaning and understanding. Growing up within this new festival era has compelled some to permanently live on festival tour, opting out of society at large. It has left the rest of us wondering how we can translate the enlightening moments found within the unadulterated freedom of these spaces to the whole of our day to day lives. “Transformational Festival Culture” has become a true socio-cultural phenomenon, where attendees bring their passions and their professions with them to help co-create the event. Knew rEvolution is inspired by this shift in festival culture and is determined to exist as an editorial space which encourages the further development of rEvolutions in thought, in music, in art, in infrastructure, in synergy, in healing and inside each of us.

Within the pages of this magazine, the reader will encounter featured artwork by visual artists  who are devoted to transformation and whose images evoke the beauty and diversity of the culture. Throughout history, poetry has acted as an integral medium for progressive ideas and beliefs. Knew rEvolution believes in this power and we feature poetry and prose written by poets documenting our world. Medicinal culture, yoga, community empowerment initiatives, spiritual growth, and festival hacks will also be a part of each issue. Finally, we offer a look inside the lives and minds of some of the elders and leaders representing visual art, festival production, and personal growth with our community.

There is love, beauty and truth  at the heart of the Knew rEvolution. We are excited and honored to do our part to initiate a better future where all of those who experience this culture can discover sustainable means to support it throughout our lives.

Be aware. Third Eye Stare. Never Fear.


Richard “Ranchsauce” Guerra