Halloween Spirits Raised with Dance

           Sitting two stories high the heart of rock and roll pumps through the veins of Ophelia’s Soapbox. Down on the dance floor that converts to dining space during the day bodies moved to some of the hottest music on Halloween weekend Denver, CO 2016. Spectacle and Nocturne entertainment pulled out all the stops with a stellar lineup and venue to match.

            As 9 o’clock rolled around the dance floor quickly converted from its former occupation of dining room. People started gathering eager for the music to start. Costumes abounded in the sea of Denver night life. Colored lights with simple projections streamed across a back wall lined with old radios from corner to corner. Up above was a projection screen giving the up stairs audience a perfect view of the stage. The ceiling being wide open brought the two levels into union on the sonic journey that would be embarked upon. After a few minutes Meanr Mynr stepped on to the stage. As he got ready to start jamming he spoke into the mic “Are you ready to get down with some jazz?” The crowd was stoked and instantly got into the groove. The beats hit hard as he wailed on his guitar harkening to the greats that shredded strings, sending spirits soaring beyond their limit. His set got the party going and Toy Box kept it high vibes. With a chill eclectic sound creating diverse soundscapes he moved the people on a journey in movement. Smiles were beaming from ear to ear all across the dance floor and vibes were high as the evening wore on. When Toy Box came to an end it was time for a special treat Spectacle Big Band. As they got ready to start they announced over the mic that this had been a vision of theirs for awhile and were really excited to be making it a reality tonight. The stage was overflowing with musicians and singers ready to throw down with all their soul. They brought the funk covering some of the hottest and funkiest tracks ever to grace speakers. The front man in a brown leather jacket with tassels hanging from the sleeves called forth the ghost of John Belushi belting out Joe Cocker. Everyone was high with a little help from their friend music. The set came to an end with a blistering rendition of “Uptown Funk” that got the mojo rising. Up next was a treat with no tricks just pure quality that kept the party moving. When Spectacle started in the grooves were tight and the rhythms groovy. Center stage was the keyboard with violin to the left and percussion to the right. They captured the audience in their music and didn’t let go until the final note. After dancing for hours the audience thinned a little but there were still people thirsty for more music and they would be rewarded for their endurance. Closing out the night was Templo one of Denver’s finest producers bringing together sounds from all over the world to grace the ears of those fortunate souls who get to experience his music. The late night dance fiends kept the energy high and the smiles wide. As the night came to a close the costumed people made their way out to the streets into a cool night of flashing lights and cars.

              Spectacle and Nocturne Entertainment made an unforgettable night. Their attention to detail and curating a roster of talent that was of highest quality provided the perfect recipe for a great dance party on one of the busiest weekends in Denver. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for the next show either one is involved in for it’s sure to satisfy your thirst for dance.

Knew rEvolution

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