Dank Phart the Pirate Poet

I am man in love with existence. I dance out my soul upon the page in love drenched dreams clothed in language. I think people need to read more and I am trying to bring a place for literature in the festival scene. Art is a way to confront people and make them question their belief system. I believe that the best way to change the world is through art. It is my hope that my words inspire people to take action in their own life to make the world they want to see.


My mad dreams that shower down from the cosmos. I play the cosmic clown that is known as the poet. I live on the page by being off the page. Each moment is a line in a poem. The trick is to be able to capture that elusive moment that is always there taunting you with its future and past. To be present here with these words. Poetry is meant to stop you. To make you still and really listen. To understand poetry one must be still and breath. These words are not meant to be taken as heavy handed doctrine but as a light whispering of the wind that wants to rustle your hair.


The mad dance that runs before my eyes. Life is nothing but inspiration. Even when trying to still oneself in meditation there is subtler and subtler awareness. To be a poet is to drink up all of life and filter it into a divine nectar of the Gods.

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